Fine Motor & Visual Motor Therapy

When a child has a developmental delay or disability it's often difficult for them to perform many daily living tasks that most of us take for granted. Tasks such as eating and drinking, dressing, tying shoes, & writing all require finger dexterity, bilateral hand use, and hand-eye coordination. Our providers are experienced in working with young children to help them strengthen these skills and/or provide ways to adapt their environment so they can be more independent in their daily routines and interactions with their families and peers.

What Families & Clients Have to Say

“All About Kids Therapy Center is the best thing that could’ve happened for my daughter. After coming here for over a year, I’ve noticed a lot of progress. The therapists are great. They don’t look at what they do as a job; they actually love what they do. I’ve never seen therapists work so hard and show so much interest in my concerns or my child’s needs until we came here. - Ms. Alicia, Norcross, GA