Intensive Therapy Services

In the treatment of children with neurological impairments and/or coordination disorders there is a growing body of evidence leading therapists to choose a more intensive approach to therapy. Our Intensive Therapy program runs 3-5 days a week utilizing the “Motor Learning” theory along with progressive resistive exercise training, and partial weight bearing gait training to structure the program’s sessions.

For a free consultation to determine if your child is eligible for the program please call our office @ 678-377-2833 ext. 216

What Families & Clients Have to Say

" Suit therapy, after Emma’s surgery, gave her the strength and endurance to keep up with all her friends. Emma is a very socially active little girl, and the freedom that the intensive program gives us to schedule other activities such as Girl Scouts after school rather than therapy has allowed us to experience life with Emma in a whole new way.”
 - Anonymous