Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Did you know? Forty percent of all sports injuries occur in children and adolescents, and that children 5-14 years old are at the highest risk of injury due to sports or recreational activities. Over the past decade, the number of childhood sports-related injuries have increased so grealty that the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons has consider it a "silent epidemic". Children are specializing in a single sport at a younger age often competing year-round and playing on multiple teams at once. This intensity in training and competition can lead to overuse injuries, and increases the likelihood of sprains and strains. Our therapists number one priority is to make sure your child is prepared to return to their sport safely. 

What Families & Clients Have to Say

" Throughout high school I pushed my body to its limits playing two sports every fall. I couldn't have been the competitive varsity player I was throughout high school without the help of the therapists at AAKTS."